She tried hard  Put everything she had into it  She fell and bruised  Wanted to know  Searched endlessly for them  For those who knew her  For those who craved her  For those who needed her  For she needed them  In a way she never had anyone else  Even amidst the crowd  She felt alone  Like […]


Did you smile  When I was happy?  Did you bleed  When I was pricked? Did you cry  When I was miserable?  Did you feel empty  When my heart broke?  Did you feel angry  When I was left alone?  Did you feel ashamed  When I broke?  Did you care enough  To believe  It wasn’t  For the […]


Dark, black shadows loomed over her as she looked into the mirror, Mist and black fog surrounding the air, She looked around to find her demons- to fight her demons,all in vain. Her fear and despair consumed her as her hope was lost, But like a ray of brightness he walked into the room, Making […]

The Delusion Of Grandeur 

         Sounds of things being flung from one corner of the room to another combined with the occasional hiccups and sobs of a fragile looking girl echoed throughout the room. Vivid streaks of tears marred her face and huge sobs racked her body while her eyes got red and puffy.     […]


Feel it. Revel in it. Love it. Hate it. Despise it. Get disgusted by it. Adore it. Ignore it. Run away from it. Just don’t betray it. Don’t put a mask on your face and remove the mask when it’s not looking. The one thing that will hurt it more than the fact that you […]

Lust or Love? 

Their eyes clouded with lust as they looked down to where they were joined, Their movements grew urgent and fast- almost animalistic,  Growing desire outed patience,  As passionate kisses rendered them breathless and moans of pleasure filled the surrounding air. That night, they did not just consummate their marriage,  They made love.  •Aroma Agarwal