Feel it. Revel in it. Love it. Hate it. Despise it. Get disgusted by it. Adore it. Ignore it. Run away from it. Just don’t betray it. Don’t put a mask on your face and remove the mask when it’s not looking. The one thing that will hurt it more than the fact that you […]

Lust or Love? 

Their eyes clouded with lust as they looked down to where they were joined, Their movements grew urgent and fast- almost animalistic,  Growing desire outed patience,  As passionate kisses rendered them breathless and moans of pleasure filled the surrounding air. That night, they did not just consummate their marriage,  They made love.  •Aroma Agarwal 

Blue-Eyed Monster (3) 

Over the next few weeks she lost all hope of seeing him. Her head was a mess, her feelings all over the place. She wanted to forgive him but at the same time, couldn’t forget all the pain he had caused her. When you trust someone, you put all your faith into the fact that […]

Blue-Eyed Monster (2) 

They were cuddled in front of the fireplace on a cold-winter day. It had been snowing relentlessly for the past few days. He had been called in for work the very same day and he unwillingly trudged up the stairs to his boss’s cabin. When he knocked on the door and was called in, he […]

Blue-Eyed Monster (1)

She had always told her friends that a person eats ice cream in two cases. The first being when they are blissful and the second being when they are extremely sad. Being the ice cream lover she is, she thought that it would get her through thick and thin and there would be no place […]


 She ran into the building screaming, ‘Mother! Mother!’ Tears rolled down her flushed cheeks, her feet hurt but she only ran faster. She couldn’t care less about the fact that this was a hospital and a silence zone.             She finally found the room she was looking for and pushed […]